What Size Tire Does A Jeep Cherokee Take? Ultimate Guide!

What Size Tire Does A Jeep Cherokee Take?

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As a Jeep Cherokee owner, you might wonder about the tire size your vehicle needs.

The tire size depends on the year and model of your Jeep Cherokee.

Selecting the correct tire size is important for ensuring optimal performance and safety of your vehicle.


What Size Tire Does A Jeep Cherokee Take?


The tire size suitable for your Jeep Cherokee will vary based on your specific model year.

However, some common tire sizes for the Cherokee include 225/75R16, 235/65R17, 245/65R17, and 245/60R18.

Given its enduring popularity as an SUV renowned for its rugged design and off-road capabilities, many Jeep enthusiasts naturally inquire about the ideal tire size for the Cherokee.

Determining the best tire for your Jeep Cherokee depends on factors such as trim level, wheel size, and individual preferences.

To ensure you select the appropriate tire size for your vehicle, it’s important to refer to your owner’s manual or seek advice from a reputable mechanic.



Understanding Jeep Cherokee Tire Sizes


Selecting the appropriate tire size is paramount for maintaining your Jeep Cherokee’s performance and safety.

Understanding tire sizes, denoted by a combination of letters and numbers, can be confusing for many individuals.

The first letter in the tire size designates the vehicle type, typically indicated by a “P” for passenger vehicles like the Jeep Cherokee.

Following the initial letter, the subsequent three numbers represent the tire’s width in millimeters, followed by a slash and the aspect ratio, which denotes the sidewall height as a percentage of its width.

The letter “R” signifies radial construction, succeeded by two numbers indicating the wheel diameter in inches, with the final letter representing the tire’s speed rating.

It’s important to recognize that not all tire sizes are compatible with the Jeep Cherokee, as using an incorrect size can lead to vehicle damage or compromise safety.

Always refer to your owner’s manual or seek guidance from a professional to ensure you’re selecting the appropriate tire size.

Here are some common tire sizes potentially compatible with the Jeep Cherokee:

  • 225/75R16
  • 235/65R17
  • 245/65R17
  • 245/60R18


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What Size Tire Does A Jeep Cherokee Take? Image source: Texas Truck Tire


Jeep Cherokee Tire Size Guide


The tire size for a Jeep Cherokee can differ based on the vehicle’s year and model.

Here’s a general overview of commonly used tire sizes for various Jeep Cherokee models:

  • First, 2014-2021 Cherokee Sport: Tire Size – 225/65R17
  • Then, 2014-2021 Cherokee Latitude: Tire Size – 225/65R17
  • Next, 2014-2021 Cherokee Limited: Tire Size – 225/60R18
  • Lastly, 2014-2021 Cherokee Trailhawk: Tire Size – 245/65R17


Selecting the correct tire size for your Jeep Cherokee is important to ensure optimal performance and safety.

Using the wrong tire size can impact handling, acceleration, and potentially damage suspension and other components.

Consider your driving habits when choosing tires for your Jeep Cherokee.

For off-road driving, opt for tires with an aggressive tread pattern.

For primarily paved road driving, smoother tread patterns may be more suitable.

Ultimately, selecting the right tire size for your Jeep Cherokee is a significant decision.

By following this guide and assessing your driving needs, you can make an informed choice for your vehicle.


Factors To Consider When Choosing Tires


  • Terrain: Consider the type of terrain you’ll encounter. For rough terrain, opt for tires with aggressive tread patterns designed to handle mud, rocks, and obstacles effectively.
  • Climate: Take your local climate into account. In snowy areas, prioritize tires with excellent traction on snow and ice for safer driving.
  • Size: Ensure the tires you choose match the size specifications of your Jeep Cherokee. Incorrectly sized tires can impact performance and safety.
  • Load Capacity: Select tires with a load capacity suitable for your vehicle’s weight and any additional cargo. Overloading tires can lead to blowouts and safety risks.
  • Speed Rating: Match the speed rating of your tires with your vehicle’s maximum speed. Using tires with a lower speed rating may compromise handling and safety.



Frequently Asked Questions


What Is The Standard Jeep Tire Size?


The majority of Jeep Wranglers are equipped with either 32-inch or 33-inch tires as their original or “stock” tires.

These sizes are well-suited for commuters who primarily drive on pavement and engage in minimal off-roading activities.


How long do Jeep Cherokee tires last?


Under typical commuting conditions with stock tires, you can generally expect them to endure for at least 30,000 miles.

On average, Jeep tires tend to last between 50,000 to 60,000 miles under such circumstances.




In conclusion, understanding the tire size requirements for your Jeep Cherokee is important for maintaining optimal performance and safety.

By referring to your owner’s manual or consulting with a mechanic, you can ensure you select the right tire size tailored to your vehicle’s year and model.

Considering factors such as terrain, climate, size, load capacity, and speed rating will guide you in making an informed decision.

With the appropriate tire size, you can enjoy a smoother driving experience, enhanced handling, and increased safety on the road.

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