What Jeeps Have 3rd Row Seating? Shocking Revelation!

What Jeeps have 3rd row seating?

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Having a larger family or hosting visitors can make fitting everyone into the car a daunting task.

The demand for increased seating capacity in SUVs has surged for this reason.

SUVs provide more space for accommodating all passengers, making them a popular choice for those who prefer larger vehicles.


Do Jeeps Have 3rd Row Seating?


Jeeps typically do not offer the option of 3rd-row seating.

Nevertheless, the Jeep Commander does provide the choice of 3rd-row seating for international markets.

Opting for the 3rd-row seating option usually involves an additional cost of nearly $1,000.


What Jeeps Have 3rd Row Seating?


The Jeep Commander.


This Jeep model has 3rd-row seating for up to seven people, but it’s only available in international markets.

Jeep has confirmed a 3-row model coming in 2020 in response to customer requests.

Although many current Jeep models lack 3rd-row seating, this is set to change as upcoming models will include it, although specific names are undisclosed.

Automakers are recognizing the trend of SUVs with room for up to seven passengers and are responding accordingly.

While the absence of 3rd-row models hasn’t significantly impacted Jeep’s sales, the market is demanding more options.

Leading Jeep to announce the inclusion of 3rd-row seating in future models.

Despite the Jeep Commander offering a 3rd row, most other Jeep models currently lack this feature, prompting customer expectations for more seating options across the brand.



What Jeeps Don’t Have 3rd Row Seating?


The following Jeep models lack 3rd-row seating:


How Much Does It Cost To Add 3rd Row Seating?


Professional installation at a welding shop can cost upwards of $700, which covers mounts, floor brackets, seats, seatbelts, and the welding work.

The entire process can exceed $1000, but it’s a practical option if you genuinely require the extra seating, especially for families with kids.

Explore Jeep forums to find information about local professional 3rd-row seat installers.

While it’s not a budget-friendly choice, the value it offers depends on your needs and budget.

Installing a 3rd-row seat isn’t just for fun; it should be a purposeful addition.

A welding shop will assess your Jeep’s model to determine space behind the 2nd row, where they weld mounts onto the car’s floor.

The mounts secure the additional seats, and you might even find seats that match the original ones.

These solutions are preferable to trading in your Jeep for a model with a built-in 3rd-row seat or buying a different vehicle.

If professional installation isn’t an option, the DIY approach is available.

Kits containing all necessary components for self-installation are available online and from aftermarket Jeep installers.


Can You Fit Baby Car Seats In Jeeps?


Installing a baby car seat in a two-door Jeep, such as the Jeep Wrangler, can be a challenging task due to the limited and narrow space available for installation.

The narrow doorway and restricted access to the backseat area make it difficult to maneuver the car seat into position.

In contrast, 4-door Jeep models offer more space for baby car seat installation, making the process significantly easier.

The typical dimensions of baby car seats, ranging from about 18 to 49 inches, require adequate room for proper installation.

The limited space in a 2-door Jeep simply doesn’t provide the necessary maneuvering space to ensure a secure and correctly fitted car seat.

When it comes to ensuring your child’s safety, ample workspace is crucial.

Remember these safety guidelines when installing baby car seats:

  1. Use the appropriate type of baby car seat for your child’s age and size.
  2. Ensure your child is securely fastened in the car seat.
  3. Properly secure the baby car seat to the vehicle.

Baby car seats come in various sizes, and designs, and with different features.

However, their primary function is safety, so it’s essential to correctly fasten them in the car for maximum protection.



Frequently Asked Questions


Do Any Jeep Wranglers Have 3rd-Row Seating?


The Jeep Wrangler, equipped with four-wheel drive, available lockers, and rugged tires, empowers you to explore nearly any destination of your choice.

Nevertheless, it can only accommodate up to five passengers.

Although Jeep introduced a three-row Wrangler concept at the 2021 SEMA Show, we remain uncertain whether a production version of this model will materialize in the near future.


Is A Jeep Wrangler A Small Or Large SUV?


The Jeep® Wrangler, renowned for its legendary 4×4 performance, solidifies its status as an off-road icon.

With its advanced engineering, it conquers even the most formidable terrains, elevating your adventures to new heights.




In summary, Jeeps with 3rd-row seating options are limited, with the Jeep Commander being the standout model for international markets.

While Jeep has acknowledged the demand and plans for a 3-row model in 2020, the specific model names remain undisclosed.

As for existing Jeep models, many do not offer 3rd-row seating, such as the Cherokee, Compass, Gladiator, Grand Cherokee, Renegade, and Wrangler.

Adding 3rd-row seating professionally at a welding shop is an option, although it comes at a cost of over $1,000.

For those who truly need the extra seating, it’s a valuable investment.

Alternatively, there are DIY kits available for self-installation.

When it comes to baby car seats, 4-door Jeeps are a more practical choice due to their spacious interiors, ensuring a safer and easier installation process.

Safety guidelines must always be followed when securing baby car seats.

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