How To Start A Jeep Renegade? Tips To Start Like A Pro!

How To Start A Jeep Renegade?

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Contemporary automobiles increasingly feature numerous amenities, and while they offer considerable comfort, not all of them are naturally user-friendly.

Whether you’ve rented, borrowed, or recently bought a Jeep Renegade, starting it may prove challenging depending on its features and production year.

Despite starting a car being a basic task for most, the process can vary in simplicity based on the vehicle’s options and manufacturing date.

This webpage will outline various methods for starting a Jeep Renegade with a key, followed by instructions for starting it with a card, and finally, without using the key.


How To Start A Jeep Renegade With Key?


To start your Jeep Renegade equipped with a classic key start, follow these guidelines:

  1. Locate the neiman (the slot for the key insertion), typically positioned on the right side of the steering wheel, on the dashboard. If your steering wheel is locked, refer to our content page on unblocking the steering wheel on the Jeep Renegade for assistance.
  2. Insert the key into the neiman.
  3. Ensure the transmission is in neutral for a manual car or in the “N” or “P” position for an automatic transmission.
  4. Turn the ignition clockwise a quarter turn until you feel you’ve passed the first notch.
  5. Check the dashboard to ensure that any orange warning lights disappear. If you’re unsure about their meaning, refer to our content page on orange lights on the Jeep Renegade for clarification.
  6. Continue turning the key clockwise to the next notch and hold it until your Jeep Renegade starts. Avoid running the starter for more than 10 seconds to prevent damage. Give the car a few minutes to cool down if it won’t start, then try again.

That’s it! You’ve successfully started your Jeep Renegade.



How To Start A Jeep Renegade With The Key Card?


After learning how to start the engine of a Jeep Renegade with a key, let’s now discuss how to do it for a Jeep Renegade equipped with a key card instead.

The process is quite similar, so feel free to refer back to the previous section for details on each step.

Below are the guidelines to follow to start your Jeep Renegade with a key card:

  1. Depending on the year and model series, your Jeep Renegade may or may not require you to insert the card into a specific slot. Check your dashboard to see if your Jeep Renegade is equipped with this slot.
  2. If there is a slot, insert the card into it. Alternatively, you can keep the card on your person or anywhere inside the cabin.
  3. Locate the “start” button, typically positioned at steering wheel height near the traditional neiman location, or sometimes on the center console.
  4. Ensure the transmission is in neutral or “park” for an automatic transmission.
  5. Press the “start” button once to turn on the ignition of your Jeep Renegade.
  6. Press the button a second time after a few seconds or once the orange warning lights on your dashboard have extinguished to start your Jeep Renegade.


How To Start A Jeep Renegade Without A Key?


Let’s explore how to start a Jeep Renegade without a key.

Imagine you’ve misplaced your keys and your car is unlocked, which might seem like a logical solution.

However, it’s important to note that starting a Jeep Renegade without a key, especially if it’s a modern model from the mid-90s onwards, can be challenging due to the numerous security devices installed.

If you still wish to proceed, please ensure that you are only attempting this on your own vehicle.

Here’s the procedure to follow:

  1. Remove the cover that conceals your steering wheel and identify, among the three electric switches, the one related to your engine, battery, or starter. Refer to your user manual if needed for assistance.
  2. Strip the wires, connect them together, and isolate the battery and ignition wires. Exercise caution to avoid electric shock during this operation. By doing so, you’ll simulate having electricity as if the ignition were turned on.
  3. Lastly, strip the starter wire and quickly connect it with the battery wire. Be careful not to prolong the contact, and a brief connection of 1 or 2 seconds should be sufficient to start your Jeep Renegade.

There you have it, you’ve learned all the techniques to start a Jeep Renegade.

Please remember to exercise caution and use this method responsibly.



Frequently Asked Questions


What Is The Common Problem On Jeep Renegade?


There are several faults with the 9-speed gearbox in the Cherokee and Renegade, including lurching, harsh shifts, and a wiring harness malfunction.

These problems can lead to sudden shutdowns or unexpected shifting into neutral, posing safety concerns for drivers.


Why Does My Jeep Struggle To Start?


Possible causes for these issues include power not reaching the ignition switch, a blown fuse, a faulty ignition switch, a defective underhood starter relay, a malfunctioning transmission neutral safety switch, or issues with the wiring or connectors within the ignition circuit.

Each of these components plays an important role in ensuring proper ignition and transmission function.

Any malfunction can lead to the mentioned problems in the Cherokee and Renegade’s 9-speed transmission.





In conclusion, starting a Jeep Renegade may vary in complexity depending on its features and production year.

Whether using a key, key card, or in a situation without a key, understanding the specific steps is essential.

The provided guidelines offer clear instructions for each scenario, ensuring a smooth start for your Jeep Renegade.

Additionally, common issues such as transmission problems and starting difficulties are addressed, providing insight into potential challenges and solutions.

With this comprehensive knowledge, you’ll be well-equipped to handle any starting situation with your Jeep Renegade confidently.

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