How To Soften A Jeep Soft Top? Unlock Smooth Adventures!

How to soften a Jeep soft top?

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How to soften a jeep soft top? Image source: Jeep Maven Bkog


Installing a soft top is a popular choice among Jeep owners due to its versatility and lower cost compared to a hard top.

However, some users struggle with the installation process because the soft top may be dried out and prone to cracking. Especially if they live in a cold climate or have previously used other vehicles.

To address this issue, you should soften the Jeep soft top before installing it.

The most straightforward method to achieve this is by using warmth, as heat is highly effective in conditioning and loosening the soft top material.

If you’re preparing to install a Jeep soft top on your vehicle and want to soften it beforehand, continue reading this comprehensive guide to learn some of the easiest methods to accomplish this.


How To Soften A Jeep Soft Top?


1. Utilize Sunny Weather:

Avoid using any snake oil or chemicals to soften the soft top, as they may cause the stitching to tear.

Instead, opt for the simplest and safest method by waiting for a sunny day with temperatures reaching at least 80 degrees Fahrenheit.

This approach is especially crucial when refitting a soft top previously used on another vehicle.

Since it may be too tight in some areas and too loose in others due to its prior positioning, heating it up in the sun helps to gently stretch it back into shape.

Lay the soft top out on a sunny day, let it heat up, and then carefully stretch it to fulfill your purpose.


2. Provide a Warm Environment:

If sunny weather is not available, you can still soften the soft top by creating a warm environment indoors.

Utilize a garage or a heated area and employ a space heater or propane torpedo heater to warm up the top sufficiently.

Once it becomes pliable, transfer it into the Jeep and position it properly to achieve the desired shape.



How Do You Attach A Soft Top To A Jeep?


Step 1: Attaching Rail and Frame


  1. If you haven’t already done so, begin by removing the hard top from your Jeep.
  2. Install the front door rails and the rear door frames.
  3. Attach the front door rail to the rubber seal at the top of the windshield.
  4. For a 4-door model, insert the rear door frame pin into the hole just behind the rear door opening.
  5. Ensure all rails and frames are set flat on the rubber seals and securely tighten the bolts.
  6. After attaching all the rails and frames, remove the trim cover from the sports bar.
  7. Attach two soft metal top brackets to the sports bar and then attach rear retainers on each side of the vehicle’s rear panel.


Step 2: Installation Process


  1. Before installing the soft top, ensure its lift assist mechanism is locked, and the hook-and-loop fastener straps are secured around the linkage.
  2. With the assistance of another person, lift the top rear of the vehicle and attach it to the sports bar, positioning the side link towards the front.
  3. Pull the release lever on the top and place the link into the guide track, then release the lever.
  4. Raise the soft top into position, and you’re ready for a ride.



How To Fix Loud Noise On A Jeep Soft Top?


If you’re experiencing loud noise coming through the soft top, identifying the cause is important.

Often, a noticeable gap between the top and windshield is responsible for the noise.

To remedy this, applying weather stripping to the top can effectively seal the gap.

However, if the top is made of vinyl, the stripping may not adhere properly, so placing it underneath the top is advisable.

This adjustment helps reduce the loud noise, especially during highway driving.

Additionally, if the soft top includes bows, regular wear and tear can lead to damage over time.

If any bows are damaged, replacing them is necessary to prevent sound issues.

Also, ensure that the zippers are tightly closed to prevent air whistling through them.


Frequently Asked Questions


Can I Change My Hard Top To Soft Top Jeep?


Unlike other types of convertibles, Jeeps offer the unique capability of easily transitioning between a soft top and a hard top.

This simple process allows Jeep owners to adapt to changing weather conditions. Thus making it one of the few 4x4s suitable for both inclement weather and sunny days.


How Can I Make My Jeep More Comfortable?


Upgrading Your Jeep’s Shock Absorbers

While the factory-installed shock absorbers on your Jeep are ideal for off-road adventures, they may not deliver the smoothest ride on smoother terrain.

If you initially bought your Jeep for frequent trail excursions, it’s time to consider upgrading your shock absorbers for a more comfortable ride during everyday driving.





In conclusion, softening a Jeep soft top before installation is essential for ensuring a smooth and hassle-free process.

By utilizing warmth, either through sunny weather or creating a warm indoor environment, you can effectively condition and loosen the soft top material.

This simple step can greatly enhance the installation experience and ensure optimal performance of your Jeep soft top.

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