How to Reset Oil Life on Jeep Wrangler: Conquer That Light & Hit the Trails Again

This comprehensive guide tackles resetting oil life on all Jeep Wrangler models (2007–2023), including the 4xe hybrid.

Learn model-specific methods, the advantages of resetting, and pro tips for Wrangler maintenance mastery.

Say goodbye to pesky reminders and enjoy uninterrupted adventures!

How to reset oil life on jeep wrangler
Fresh oil can contribute to optimal engine performance, potentially leading to better gas mileage. [Photo: YouTube] 

How to reset oil life on Jeep Wrangler

Resetting the oil life on your Jeep Wrangler shows you care about keeping it in great shape.

Knowing how to use each model, understanding its benefits, and using expert tips will make you a confident Wrangler owner.

It’s not just about a light reset; it’s about bonding with your Jeep for many adventures.

When the oil change light comes on, be ready. Use what you’ve learned here, reset it like a pro, and hit the road prepared for any terrain.

Your Jeep Wrangler will appreciate your care and be ready for more journeys together.

Gearing Up: Model-Specific Reset Techniques

Before you start, know this: resetting the oil life just signals a new oil change. It doesn’t replace the needed service.

Always focus on good maintenance for the best engine performance and lifespan. Now, let’s begin!

1. 2007–2018 Jeep Wrangler: The Old Guard

  • Turn on the ignition without starting the engine to enter accessory mode.
  • Press the gas pedal three times within 10 seconds, making sure to push it fully down and release each time.
  • Check for the blink. If done correctly, the oil change light will blink, confirming the reset.
  • Success! Turn off the ignition and enjoy knowing you’ve reset it correctly.

2. 2019-2023 Jeep Wrangler: The Tech-Savvy Generation

  • Start the EVIC system. Use the ignition and buttons on the left steering wheel to access the Electronic Vehicle Information Center.
  • Go to “Vehicle Info.” Navigate through the menus until you see this section.
  • Find “Oil Life.” Look for it under categories like “Maintenance” or “Engine” within “Vehicle Info.”
  • Reset time! Hold down the OK button until the oil life percentage resets to 100%.
  • Invest in a funnel: Spills happen, but they don’t have to be epic disasters. A funnel makes oil changes cleaner and keeps your engine bay pristine.
  • Don’t overfill: Stick to the recommended oil capacity for your Wrangler model. Too much oil can be just as harmful as too little.
  • Keep records: Track your oil changes and other maintenance in a logbook or digital app. This helps maintain a clear service history and avoids accidental neglect.

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