How to Open Jeep Hood: Quick Guide with Jeep Cruisers!

how to open a Jeep hood


An image of a jeep hood - How to open Jeep hood.
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Opening and closing the hood of a car is an essential skill.


This skill proves handy when encountering mechanical problems on the road or performing routine checkups of your car.


If you are struggling with opening the hood of your Jeep, don’t stress.


This guide will detail the exact steps to open a Jeep’s hood.


How to open a Jeep Hood.


First, Find the Hood Release Lever.


The hood release lever is located on the lower left side of the dashboard in the driver’s side footwell.


To unlock the hood, pull the release lever to the right.


Pulling the lever will require some effort, but it should move with a steady tug.


Secondly, Open the Hood.


After the hood release lever is pulled, the hood can be opened.


A hood release handle is situated on the front of the hood, near the grille.


To open the hood, this handle should be pulled toward you.


Although it may require some force, the hood should open smoothly with a steady pull.


Thirdly, Examine the Underhood Area.


When you’re outside and facing your hood, place your hand below the Jeep logo and slightly to the right to feel for the safety latch.


Then, Examine the Hood Latches.


Located on either side of the hood, near the top of the windshield, are the hood latches.


Ensure the hood latches are properly secured and in good condition.


If the hood latches are rusty or damaged, they should be replaced.


Finally, Secure the Hood.


After opening the hood and inspecting the underhood area, secure the hood by pushing the hood release handle back into place.


Before driving the vehicle, ensure that you firmly close and latch the hood.


Why Would I Need To Open The Hood On My Jeep?


  • Check the battery
  • CheckĀ  the oil level
  • Check the coolant level
  • Check or replace the fan belt
  • Check or replace the fuses
  • Check or replace the air filter


Frequently Asked Questions


How do you open a stuck hood on a Jeep Cherokee?


What are hood release levers?


Most cars, trucks, vans, and even tractors have a latch under the hood.


This latch, known as a hood latch, temporarily holds the hood down.


A handle is connected to the hood latch.


When you pull or engage the handle, the hood latch will release.


Why Won’t My Hood Open?


Image of a jeep
How to open Jeep Hood | Photo credit: fourwheeldriveguide


If your hood won’t open, it is more than likely due to a bad hood release lever or a broken cable.


In this situation, the lever or cable can be fixed by yourself.


However, if you still can’t get the hood to open, then your Jeep Cherokee will need to be taken to a mechanic.


It will probably be an easy fix for a mechanic, and they will be able to get your hood open in no time.




Learning how to open the hood of your Jeep is an essential skill that comes in handy when dealing with mechanical issues or performing regular checkups.


If you’re having trouble opening the hood, this guide provides the exact steps to do so.


Remember to check the underhood area, examine the hood latches, and secure the hood properly after inspecting it.


Opening the hood allows you to perform important tasks such as checking the battery, oil level, coolant level, fan belt, fuses, and air filter.


If your hood gets stuck, it could be due to a faulty hood release lever or broken cable, which can usually be fixed on your own.


However, if the issue persists, it’s best to seek assistance from a mechanic, who can quickly resolve the problem and get your hood open in no time.


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