How To Connect Phone To Jeep Wrangler. Learn And Stay Connected!

An image of the Uconnect feature - how to connect phone to Jeep Wrangler.
How to connect phone to a Jeep Wrangler – Image source: PCWorld blog.


Did you know you can connect your phone to your car? Learn how to connect your phone to a Jeep Wrangler.

In today’s connected world, people expect us to be reachable no matter where we are, be it at home, in the office or even behind the wheel. 

However, this constant connectivity can pose a problem if it distracts us from the road. 

To address this, we are sharing a guide on how to connect a Phone to Jeep Bluetooth. 

By establishing this connection, drivers can access their contacts and favourite apps without taking their hands off the wheel or diverting their eyes from the road ahead, ensuring a safer driving experience.

Follow these instructions to link your mobile device to your Jeep Uconnect screen:

  1. Press the Phone button on the Uconnect screen, then select Add Device and Settings.
  2. This step enables the Uconnect system to be discoverable and will result in the display of a unique PIN.
  3. Access the Bluetooth menu on your mobile device and choose your Jeep from the list of available devices.


Is Jeep Uconnect Free?


The Uconnect system is a free feature that comes pre-installed in the Jeep Wrangler. 

It works perfectly, allowing you to connect your phone, listen to music, and get directions. 

However, if you want to use remote features like remote start, lock/unlock, and vehicle health reports, you must subscribe to Uconnect Access on a monthly basis. 

The monthly membership charge for Uconnect Access is $14.99.


Frequently Asked Questions


Can I Start My Jeep Wrangler With My Phone?


Yes, you can. Using the Uconect app, here’s how;

Here are the simplified steps to utilize the Uconnect Access App:

  1. Download the Uconnect Access App on your compatible smartphone and log in using your username and password.
  2. To start the engine, simply tap the circular arrow icon. To turn off a remotely started engine, touch the cancel button.
  3. A pop-up screen will prompt you to enter your Uconnect Security PIN. This is the same 4-digit code you established during the registration of your Uconnect Access system. Enter the PIN using the keypad and tap “OK”.
  4. The Uconnect Access App will confirm whether your command was successfully sent or not. Tap “OK” to close the pop-up screen.
  5. Please note that it may take some time for the command to reach your vehicle. The duration depends on various technical factors.
  6. A message will appear on the screen, informing you whether the command was received by your vehicle or not.


How Do I Know If My Jeep Wrangler Has Uconnect?


The latest Jeep models come with advanced Uconnect features, but older models may not have touch screens or other prominent Uconnect functionalities. 

However, if your Jeep has a vehicle touchscreen located in the centre dash, it means that your Jeep is equipped with Uconnect.




Connecting your phone to a Jeep Wrangler allows for convenient access to contacts and favourite apps while ensuring a safer driving experience. 

By following the provided instructions, you can easily link your mobile device to the Jeep’s Uconnect system via Bluetooth. 

The Uconnect system comes pre-installed in the Jeep Wrangler at no additional cost, providing seamless phone connectivity, music playback, and navigation features. 

However, if you desire remote functionalities subscribing to Uconnect Access for a monthly fee of $14.99 is necessary. 

With the Uconnect Access App, it is also possible to start the engine remotely by following the outlined steps. 

It’s important to note that older Jeep models may lack certain Uconnect features. 

Stay connected and enjoy the benefits of Uconnect while keeping your focus on the road ahead.


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