How To Clean Jeep Soft Top Windows? Revive Your Jeep!

How to clean Jeep soft top windows?

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No matter where you drive, your Jeep’s soft top is bound to accumulate dirt.

While some Jeep enthusiasts prefer the versatility of a soft top over a hard top, you cannot treat it like the roof of any other vehicle.

It presents unique challenges that demand specific care to ensure long-lasting durability.

Although the Wrangler JL offers various top types, the soft top remains the base option and a popular choice.

Ensuring it stands the test of time simply requires a bit more attention.

Whether you own a JL or JK Wrangler or a JT Gladiator, maintaining and protecting the soft top is crucial for both functionality and appearance.


How To Clean Jeep Soft Top Windows?


Cleaning the windows of your Jeep’s soft top requires a different approach than cleaning the glass windows or the top itself.

Vinyl windows are sensitive and can get damaged if you use the wrong cleaning products, which is why we recommend using specialized cleaners.


Step One: Rinse Your Windows


Find a shady area and use cool or cold water to thoroughly rinse your windows.

Wipe away all the dirt and debris using a clean cloth.


Step Two: Apply the Jeep Soft Top Window Cleaner


Take your chosen window cleaner and apply it using a microfiber towel, similar to how you would apply a buff or wax.

Gently rub it into the windows using a circular motion.

Try to avoid getting any on the soft top material itself, but don’t worry if some do.

It can be easily wiped off.


Step Three: Wipe and Polish the Windows


Allow the cleaner to dry, then use a clean microfiber cloth to wipe away any remaining residue.

Using circular wiping motions will leave your windows looking polished and gleaming.



How To Clean Jeep Soft Top Windows?




Here are some DOs to keep in mind when cleaning your Jeep’s soft top windows:


  • Use a CLEAN soft terry cloth or cotton rag when washing your windows.
  • Wipe the windows from left to right or right to left to clean them effectively.
  • Dry the entire surface with a clean cotton cloth or soft terry towel after washing.
  • Rinse the windows thoroughly to completely remove any cleaning agent you’ve used.
  • Use a protectant to shield and prolong the life of the vinyl/plastic windows on your soft top as well as the entire piece.




Here are some important DO NOTs to remember when cleaning your Jeep’s soft top windows:


  • DO NOT use bleach, as it will strip the soft top’s vinyl and plastic windows of their natural properties.
  • DON’T use common household cleaning products, as they tend to contain silicone or petroleum solvents that can harm the windows.
  • DO NOT use household spray window cleaners, as they typically contain alcohol and/or ammonia, which can rapidly dry out the natural oils in your windows.
  • DO NOT use paper towels on the windows, as they can scratch the windows.
  • DON’T apply too much pressure while cleaning, as even the smallest particles of dirt can scratch the window.
  • DO NOT wipe in a circular or swirling pattern, as this can create scratches and goes against the natural grain of the Jeep windows.



General Recommendations For Jeep Soft Top Care


Whether you’re cruising down the highway or navigating a muddy trail, your Jeep’s top will inevitably face exposure to elements like dirt, debris, bird droppings, and the sun.

Over the long term, the sun can be particularly harsh.

If possible, store your Jeep in a shaded area or garage to shield it from UV ray damage.

However, be cautious about parking under trees, as resins, sap, and bird droppings can pose significant challenges to your soft top.

Winters and coastal air can also be tough on your soft top.

Consider switching to a hardtop during colder months to simplify the removal of salt and grime.

Depending on the conditions you face, we recommend washing your soft top once a month, or at least every 2-3 months when necessary.

It’s essential to note that vinyl and cloth Jeep soft tops may require slightly different cleaning products.

Although they can generally be cleaned in a similar manner, it’s advisable to use a vinyl-specific protectant for vinyl tops.

Always refer to your specific model’s owner’s manual for detailed instructions.



Frequently Asked Questions


How Do You Clean Foggy Vinyl Windows?


A straightforward solution of warm water and mild dish soap is often effective for cleaning your Jeep’s soft top windows.

It’s best to avoid harsh chemicals that can be harmful to the environment and potentially cause corrosion of window frames.

To clean, begin at the top of the window and gradually work your way down using a clean, soft cloth, sponge, or a soft-bristle brush.


What Are Jeep Soft Top Windows Made Of?


Regalite® Vinyl Window Material is a high-quality window material with a thickness of 40 gauge.

It features excellent optical clarity and durability, making it a reliable choice for various applications.

Regalite is also DOT (Department of Transportation) approved, and it is commonly used for manufacturing Jeep windows and convertible tops.


How Do You Clean Jeep Soft Windows Without Scratching?


Ensure that you have a clean towel or a microfiber cloth available for this part of the cleaning process.

Avoid using standard towels, as they can be too rough and might scratch the delicate vinyl or plastic windows in your Jeep.

You can opt for a mixture of warm water and vinegar or use a mild soap and water solution.

Applying the soap might create a slight mist.





Cleaning your Jeep’s soft top and windows is crucial for maintaining its durability and appearance.

No matter where you drive, your Jeep’s soft top will encounter dirt, debris, and other environmental elements.

While soft tops offer versatility, they require specific care to ensure longevity.

Cleaning your Jeep’s soft top windows is a unique process.

It involves rinsing the windows, applying specialized window cleaners, and then wiping and polishing.

To keep your soft top in good condition, follow the do’s and don’ts of cleaning.

Use a clean, soft cloth or microfiber towel, avoid harsh chemicals, and rinse thoroughly.

Applying a protectant can extend the life of your soft top and its windows.

General care recommendations include protecting your soft top from sun damage, bird droppings, and harsh weather conditions.

It’s important to wash the soft top regularly, depending on your driving conditions.

Different Jeep soft tops may require specific cleaning products, so consult your owner’s manual for guidance.

In summary, maintaining and cleaning your Jeep’s soft top and windows will ensure a trouble-free driving experience and preserve your Jeep’s appearance and functionality.

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