How to change the battery in a Jeep key fob? Revitalize Your Jeep Key Fob!

How to change the battery in a Jeep key fob?

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Are you struggling to replace the battery in your dead Jeep key fob?

The battery in these fobs can drain unnoticed.

Today, learn how to change the battery in your Jeep key fob!

Owning a Jeep can bring a lot of excitement.

Amidst all the modern conveniences and features that Jeeps offer, the key fob is a standout feature that everyone anticipates.

While a key fob can serve you well for years, it’s not surprising when it decides to take a hiatus.

Furthermore, changing the key fob’s battery is a relatively simple process.

Use a screwdriver to open the key fob, then separate its components.

Extract the old battery and insert the new one.

Place the circuit board onto the keypad, and securely assemble both pieces back into the fob.

The key fob is a convenient remote access tool for your Jeep.

Whether you need to unlock your Jeep’s doors or trunk, the key fob can accomplish this task without requiring physical access to the locks.

Opening doors or trunks using the key fob is now easier than ever, especially when your hands are full of groceries and packages.


What is a Jeep Key Fob?


People appreciate remote vehicle access because manually opening doors isn’t always practical in every situation.

A key fob serves as a tool for both securing and controlling the doors of any vehicle from a distance.

Functioning as a security device, it transmits a signalling code to operate.

The fob has a specific operational range and works exclusively with a single car.

Therefore, there’s no need to worry about compromising your Jeep’s security.

Your key fob is the only means of accessing your jeep, preventing anyone else from getting in.


How Long Does a Battery Last in a Jeep Key Fob?


When you purchase a brand new Jeep Wrangler, it comes with a pair of key fobs equipped with fresh batteries.

The battery’s exact lifespan isn’t fixed, but I estimate it to be around 3 to 4 years.

This duration depends on your daily frequency of key fob usage, which affects battery consumption.

Since the key fobs are typically provided in pairs, I recommend alternating between them to conserve battery power for a period.

However, if the situation worsens, you’ll eventually need to change the key fob’s battery once it’s depleted.

I assure you, it’s a simple task that even teenagers can handle.


Signs That You Need To Change The Battery in a Jeep Key Fob



The indicator light shows green flashes for about thirty seconds when you turn off the engine, signalling reduced signal strength.

If you require multiple clicks to unlock the Jeep door, a fully operational Jeep key fob will unlock the door with just one click.

Your key fob exhibits inconsistent performance.

A properly functioning key fob will activate whenever the button is pressed.

Conversely, if it doesn’t respond after the button is pressed, it suggests the battery is depleted and requires replacement.


How to Change the Battery in a Jeep Key Fob?


Here’s the definitive guide for changing the battery in your Jeep key fob:

  1. Utilize the flathead screwdriver to initiate the opening of the Jeep key fob. Insert the screwdriver into the seam of the fob, situated adjacent to the keyring mount.
  2. Gently press the screwdriver downward to separate the segments of the key fob. While exerting pressure, avoid twisting to prevent potential damage to the plastic and the key fob’s integrity.
  3. Gain access to the existing battery and extract it.
  4. Retrieve the CR2032 battery that you acquired and place it in position. During insertion, ensure the negative side is facing downwards.
  5. Position the circuit board over the keypad and subsequently align the keypad within the fob.
  6. Bring together the two halves of the key fob and securely snap them into place.
  7. If your key fob incorporates a metal emergency key, reinstall it after closing the compartment.


How to Program a Jeep Key Fob


You don’t just need the knowledge of changing the battery in a Jeep Grand Cherokee key fob or any other Jeep key fob.

You might also require the skill to program a Jeep key fob to ensure its proper usage.

Here’s the procedure:

  1. Situate yourself in the driver’s seat of your vehicle and ensure that all doors and the trunk are closed.
  2. Insert the key into the ignition and leave it in the off position.
  3. Proceed to open the driver’s door and keep it ajar.
  4. While the door remains open, shift the switch on the door to the lock position.
  5. Put the key in the “on” position at this time.
  6. Press the lock button on your key fob and hold it down for a duration of five seconds.
  7. After releasing the button and removing the key from the ignition, the process will be completed.


Frequently Asked Questions


What Type Of A Battery Does My Jeep Key Fob Need?


Your Jeep key fob employs a CR2032 battery.

This battery type is standard in various electronics, making it simple to locate a replacement when necessary.

An Image of a Key fob batteries | How to change the battery in a Jeep key fob?
How to change the battery in a Jeep key fob | Photo credit: Amazon


Can Anyone Else Unlock My Car With Another Key Fob?


The key fob produces a secure and distinctive code for communication with your car’s computer.

This code is then matched to grant you access.

Another key fob cannot be used to access your vehicle, as the generated codes will not align.




In conclusion, it is simple to replace the battery in a Jeep key fob.

If you’re battling with a dead key fob, keep in mind that the battery can run out suddenly.

To guarantee consistent operation, it’s imperative to understand how to change the battery.

Furthermore, proper use necessitates knowing how to program a Jeep key fob.

You may quickly program your key fob for efficient car access by following the instructions given.

The security code on the key fob makes sure that only you can unlock your automobile, limiting access.

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