Can You Add A Sunroof To A Jeep Grand Cherokee? Cruise In Style!

Can You Add A Sunroof To A Jeep Grand Cherokee?

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Having a sunroof in your car enhances your driving experience by allowing you to enjoy ample fresh air and sunlight.

It also provides a pleasant view of the sky, fostering a closer connection to nature.

But can you install a sunroof in your Jeep Grand Cherokee?

You can indeed install a sunroof in a Jeep Grand Cherokee.

However, the cost of installation varies depending on factors such as the type of sunroof and the mechanic you hire for the installation.

Adding a sunroof enhances the aesthetic appeal of your Jeep and boosts its resale value.

Explore the process of installing a sunroof in a Jeep Grand Cherokee, the advantages it offers, and the associated costs.


Can You Add A Sunroof To A Jeep Grand Cherokee?


Yes, it’s possible to add a sunroof to specific models of the Jeep Grand Cherokee if it doesn’t come equipped with one.

Aftermarket installation is an option not typically provided by auto dealers.

The terminology used to describe a car’s sunroof feature includes panoramic sunroof, sunroof, and moonroof.

A sunroof consists of a glass panel positioned above the front seats, operable electronically.

Conversely, a moonroof resembles a sunroof but incorporates a tinted glass panel that limits incoming light.

Lastly, a panoramic sunroof spans a larger area, often extending from the front to the rear of the car, accommodating both front and rear passengers.

Each of these options is available in the various trim models of the Jeep Grand Cherokee.



How Much Does Sunroof Installation Cost?


The cost of sunroof installation varies based on factors such as the sunroof type, vehicle model, and installer.

Factory-installed sunroofs, while increasingly common, often serve as premium add-ons for many models.

Depending on the car model and sunroof type, factory installation typically ranges between $1,000 and $2,000.

For aftermarket options, a basic tinted glass panel for increased cabin airflow can cost around $300 before installation.

Installing an aftermarket sunroof with manual ventilation capabilities generally ranges from $300 to $800.

Motorized sunroofs, also known as “spoiler style sunroofs,” start at approximately $750 and can reach up to $1,800 with installation.

Alternatively, sunroofs that slide open inside the car can cost up to $3,000 with installation.

It’s essential to note that aftermarket quality and pricing vary.

Less expensive options may feature dot matrix, screened glass blocking only 50% of the sun’s heat, while higher-quality sunroofs use reflective glass and are priced accordingly.


Which Grand Cherokee Models Have A Sunroof?


Numerous Jeep Grand Cherokee models provide the choice of a sunroof, moonroof, or panoramic sunroof, while certain models come standard with these features.

However, not all models support a panoramic sunroof.

Here’s a breakdown of Jeep Grand Cherokee models and their sunroof options:

  1. Trailhawk: Optional moonroof, sunroof, or panoramic sunroof.
  2. Laredo: Optional moonroof or sunroof.
  3. Upland: Optional moonroof or sunroof.
  4. 80th Anniversary: Optional panoramic sunroof, moonroof, or sunroof.
  5. Limited: Optional panoramic sunroof, sun/moonroof, or no sunroof (base model).
  6. Limited X: Optional panoramic sunroof, moonroof, or sunroof.
  7. High Altitude: Standard panoramic roof, optional sun/moonroof.
  8. Overland: Standard panoramic roof, optional sun/moonroof.
  9. Trackhawk: Optional panoramic sunroof, sun/moonroof, or moonroof.
  10. SRT: Optional panoramic sunroof, sun/moonroof, or moonroof.
  11. Summit: Standard panoramic roof, optional sun/moonroof.

Each model offers a variety of sunroof options, empowering drivers to select the desired level of openness and natural light for their Jeep Grand Cherokee.


Frequently Asked Questions


Can I Put A Sunroof In A Car That Doesn’t Have One?


You can add a moonroof or sunroof to certain car models after the vehicle is manufactured.

In the automotive industry, this is referred to as an aftermarket item, which is an additional feature not provided by the auto dealer.

Beginning your search online, such as on the website of a local auto glass repair shop, is a great starting point.



What Are The Disadvantages Of A Sunroof?


Sunroof drawbacks include added vehicle weight and reduced headroom.

Additionally, there’s a temptation for passengers, particularly children, to extend their hands or head through the roof, which is cautioned against by both manufacturers and common sense due to safety concerns.


What’s The Difference Between A Sunroof And A Moonroof?


A sunroof is a glass or metal panel installed in the roof of a car, truck, or SUV, allowing it to slide open or pop up to permit light and air into the interior cabin.

Conversely, a moonroof is usually a clear or tinted glass panel that slides between the roof and the headliner, often being tilted open to allow fresh air inside.





In conclusion, installing a sunroof in your Jeep Grand Cherokee is not only possible but also offers numerous benefits, including enhancing the driving experience, improving aesthetics, and increasing resale value.

The process requires selecting the desired sunroof type, considering the associated costs, and choosing a reliable installer.

While aftermarket installation offers flexibility, it’s crucial to explore various options and understand the implications before deciding.

Ultimately, adding a sunroof enables you to customize your Jeep Grand Cherokee to fit your preferences and enjoy stylish and comfortable drives on the open road.

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