Can You Add A Sunroof To A Jeep Compass? Unlock The Sky!

Can You Add A Sunroof To A Jeep Compass?

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As you contemplate buying a Jeep Compass, you might observe the absence of a sunroof.

Can you install a sunroof on a Jeep Compass?


Can You Add A Sunroof To A Jeep Compass?


While the latest edition of the Jeep Compass offers a panoramic sunroof, it is possible to add a sunroof if your Jeep Compass does not have one.

Many aftermarket options are available to consumers who wish to add this option to their Compass and enjoy the benefit of a sunroof.

Since 2007, the Jeep Compass has been establishing its place in the world of compact SUVs.

Sensing the growing American market for smaller SUVs and desperate to compete with the Japanese and South Korean manufacturers, Jeep began production on the Compass.

Jeep Compass has earned a loyal following among consumers and is now one of the best-selling small SUVs on the market.

Even though it has undergone some redesigns, one option has been absent until now – a sunroof.

In this article will discover whether adding a sunroof to an existing Compass is possible.


What Is A Sunroof?


A sunroof functions as an aperture situated in the centre of a vehicle’s roof, akin to an extra window positioned above the passengers’ heads.

It incorporates a movable glass panel that can be tilted up or slid back, enabling the ingress of fresh air into the interior cabin.

Even when the sunroof is closed, the transparent glass permits additional sunlight to filter into the vehicle. This creates an illusion of increased spaciousness.


What Is The Difference Between A Sunroof And A Panoramic?


A standard sunroof typically comprises a single pane that either slides back or pops up, providing a limited opening.

In contrast, a panoramic sunroof is larger and more expansive. It extends the glass pane over the rear seats, offering a wider view of the sky and enhancing the sense of openness within the vehicle.



Advantages Of A Sunroof


  • Enhances vehicle aesthetics
  • Boosts residual value
  • Increases natural light in the cabin
  • Facilitates fresh air circulation
  • Improves passenger riding experience


Disadvantages Of A Sunroof


  • Incurs additional maintenance and repair expenses
  • Sunroof seals degrade over time, leading to leaks
  • Generates significant wind noise in the cabin
  • Often underutilized by many vehicle owners
  • Offers limited protection in severe accidents
  • Prone to glass pane cracking or shattering
  • Adds weight to the vehicle, impacting mileage and aerodynamics


Adding A Sunroof To A Jeep Compass


Professional installers offer various aftermarket sunroof options, ranging from panoramic to regular popup sunroofs.

The cost of installation varies based on the type of sunroof selected, ranging from several hundred dollars to a few thousand.

It’s crucial to entrust the installation to a reputable installer to ensure warranty coverage for both parts and labour.

Attempting to add a sunroof to a vehicle yourself is not advisable due to the complexity of the task.


Can I Buy A New Jeep Compass With A Sunroof?


Starting in 2022, Jeep introduced the option of a panoramic sunroof for select trims of the Compass.

While standard on the High Altitude trim, it remains unavailable on the Red or Sport trims.

For the 2023 model, many trims now come equipped with panoramic sunroofs.

For a comprehensive overview of available options and packages, refer to the manufacturer’s website.



Frequently Asked Questions


Can I Install A Sunroof On A Compass Myself?


Given that installing a sunroof involves cutting a significant opening into your SUV’s roof, it’s strongly discouraged to undertake the installation on your own.

Opting for a professional installer ensures peace of mind, sparing you from potential issues like water leaks due to improper sealing.


Can An Installer Put A Panoramic Sunroof In My Compass?


Certainly, professional installers can provide various sizes of sunroofs that are suitable for insertion into the roof of your SUV.

When considering installation, it’s advisable to engage in a discussion with the installation company to explore the available options and ensure alignment with your preferences.

Given the nature of the installation process, which entails cutting a hole in your vehicle’s roof, it’s essential to choose a company that offers a comprehensive warranty covering both parts and labor for added assurance.




In conclusion, adding a sunroof to your Jeep Compass is indeed possible, offering you the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of enhanced aesthetics, increased natural light, and improved cabin ventilation.

While aftermarket options are available, it’s essential to rely on professional installers to ensure proper installation and warranty coverage for both parts and labour.

With the introduction of panoramic sunroof options in newer Compass models, exploring available trims and packages on the manufacturer’s website can provide valuable insights for prospective buyers.

Remember, entrusting the installation to experts ensures a seamless experience and minimizes the risk of potential issues down the road.

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