Can I Order A Jeep From The Factory? The Perks of Building Your Own Jeep

Unlock a world of personalization and craft your perfect Jeep adventure companion by ordering directly from the factory!

Explore the process, requirements, benefits, and shipping details here.

Jeep Wrangler in Delhi NCR at Showroom –
A factory-ordered Jeep is brand new, straight off the production line. There is no need to worry about previous test drives or wear and tear. [Photo: My Dream Car]

Can I order a Jeep from the factory?

Do you dream of driving a brand new Jeep tailored just for you? Adventure seekers, get ready! Ordering a Jeep straight from the factory could become a reality.

You no longer have to choose from what’s available at the dealer.

Ordering a factory Jeep means you can customize it to fit your needs perfectly. Whether it’s for off-road trips or daily drives, you can create your ideal vehicle.

Before you start selecting options online, let’s explore the details of the factory ordering process.

The Journey Begins: Can You Actually Do It?

Great news! You can order your Jeep straight from the manufacturer. Jeep provides an “E-shop Program” where you can design and buy your ideal vehicle online.

Participating dealerships will finalize your order and arrange delivery. This makes the whole process very straightforward and easy.

Essential Requirements

Before you finalize your Jeep order, make sure you do the following:

  1. Pick a Participating Dealership: Choose a local dealership that offers the E-Shop program. This dealership will help with placing your order, financing, and delivery. Look for a dealership near you that fits your requirements.
  2. Secure Financing: Get your financing pre-approved before you order. This makes everything smoother and helps avoid unexpected issues later on.
  3. Select Your Model and Features: Jeep has various models, like the Wrangler and Grand Cherokee. Decide which one matches your needs and budget. Then, explore customization options such as engines, trim levels, technology packages, and accessories.
Can I order a Jeep from the factory?
Familiarize yourself with Jeep models, trim levels, and available options before diving into the E-Shop. [Photo: Auto Outlet]

Does Jeep pay the toll? Navigating Shipping Costs

Unfortunately, Jeep doesn’t pay for shipping on factory orders. But don’t worry; the delivery fee is usually included in the total price when you order through E-Shop.

Talk to your selected dealership about any specific charges to understand everything clearly.

Can I order a Jeep from the factory? Why go factory-direct?

Let’s dive into why ordering your Jeep straight from the factory makes sense:

  • Customize Your Way: Build your Jeep just as you want it. Pick the color, interior, and performance features that match your style and preferences.
  • Get What You Want: It’s tough to find your ideal Jeep at a dealership nowadays. Ordering from the factory ensures you get the exact model, trim, and features you want, regardless of what’s in stock.
  • Clear Pricing: With the E-Shop program, you see the price upfront. Say goodbye to haggling and uncertainty—you know the cost before you make a decision.
  • Brand New Ride: When you order from the factory, you get a brand-new Jeep straight from production. You won’t have to think about previous drives or any wear and tear.

What to Expect after Placing Your Bid

After you submit your order, you start waiting! Delivery times vary based on the model, customizations, and production schedules.

It could take anywhere from a few weeks to several months. But don’t worry; Jeep will keep you updated on the progress of your new vehicle as it’s built.

Interior view of the 2020 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited
Ordering a Jeep from the factory is an investment in both customization and satisfaction. [Photo: Motor Trend]

The Final Lap

Ordering a Jeep straight from the factory offers an exciting journey. You get to customize it just how you like and eagerly wait for its arrival.

It’s a special way to get a vehicle that matches your style and driving interests. So, get ready, research, and start building your dream Jeep—the open road is calling!

Can I order a Jeep from the factory? Tips for a Smooth Factory Order

Here are some extra tips to make your factory order experience smooth:

Research First: Learn about Jeep models, trims, and options before using the E-Shop.

Ask Away: Reach out to your selected dealership if you have any questions about ordering.

Stay Patient: Creating your ideal Jeep takes time. Enjoy the journey, and look forward to driving it soon!


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